Protect Your Business

Stop business disruption and protect your key business processes as they move to the cloud. Greenlight’s Privileged Access Management works with any application to close that gap.

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Stop Transactions

Monitor and secure all privileged user activities, receive real-time alerts, and stop risky transactions that can lead to audit findings and material weaknesses before it’s too late.

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Achieve Compliance

Review and prevent access privileges that create risks, then monitor and assess what a user did do with their access by viewing full audit trails to ensure compliance.

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Privileged User Provisioning and Activity Monitoring

Is your business being disrupted because you can’t review privileged user requests fast enough in your critical applications? Are admins putting your organization at risk by sharing passwords resulting in a loss of control? Once privileged users are set up, can you prevent them from performing unauthorized activities? Are you able to view every action they’ve taken and every change they’ve made in the system?

Companies are being disrupted because the process for approving privileged users is taking too long and slowing down business. And then on top of this slow process, Forrester estimates that at least 80% of data breaches have a connection to compromised privileged credentials, such as passwords, tokens, keys, and certificates. Now you don’t wait weeks to approve privileged users while gaining the tools to prevent the insider threat from striking.

Privileged Access Management by Greenlight ensures that your processes run quickly and business-critical applications are safe from the insider threat. You’ll be able to effectively and efficiently manage privileged user access within any application. The solution automates the process of provisioning and deprovisioning privileged users while monitoring access risks in real time and preventing them for occurring. You’ll be able to view audit trails of all change actions, simplify audit preparation & reporting, and much more.

Get the Full Picture…

Find out how Privileged Access Management by Greenlight ends business disruption caused by your current provisioning process while providing you with complete visibility into privileged user activities and preventing the insider threat within your business-critical applications