Request / Approval / Provisioning

Achieve a consistent and compliant process for granting privileged access to business applications. Then monitor all user activities with a complete audit trail of all change actions within the application.

Activity Monitoring / Audit Logging

Gain visibility to user access across the enterprise while following a consistent approach for applying controls across applications. Take advantage of real-time access risk monitoring and insight analysis.

Preventative Controls

Implement a comprehensive, standardized approach that automates the entire lifecycle of privileged user access, ensuring users are deprovisioned at the right time. Receive real-time alerts when a policy violation occurs to immediately terminate access.

Emergency Access Management

There are countless situations that require emergency access to be granted to employees or contractors. You’ll gain a consistent and compliant process for granting emergency access.

Grouping Business Roles

Provides you with a simple and efficient way to group roles for one job that crosses multiple systems.

User Access and Segregation of Duties Reviews

Perform periodic reviews for any business application to ensure compliance. This easily breaks down when your business process cross applications.

Next Steps…

Find out how Privileged Access Management by Greenlight provides you with complete visibility into privileged user activities and prevents the insider threat within your business-critical applications