Ensure that you’re audit ready while automatically following internal and regulatory requirements. Track processes and approvals, log activity, and generate detailed audit trails for privileged users.

IT Operations

Follow a faster, more efficient process for requesting emergency access. You’ll be assigned the access you need, when you need it to keep business processes moving.

IT Security

Significantly enhance your IT security and operational efficiency by adding business applications to your current Privileged Access Management / infrastructure program.

Business Process Leaders

Protect the critical data residing in your business-critical applications while monitoring activity and transactions. Immediately stop risky transactions from occurring.


60% of breaches are carried out by insiders and employee data continues to be a key target. So what are you doing to prevent the inside threat to your HR system? Whether you use SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle Peoplesoft or other system, this is a critical area you must address.

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Find out how Privileged Access Management by Greenlight provides you with complete visibility into privileged user activities and prevents the insider threat within your business-critical applications