Automate the user access approval process, provisioning and deprovisioning of privileged users for your business-critical applications.


Receive real-time alerts when a privileged user tries to perform a risky transaction and instantly prevent it from occurring.


View audit trail and analytics reports detailing all privileged user activities to strengthen compliance, reduces access risk and cut auditing costs.

Managing Privileged User Access Requests

Streamline the access request & approval process for any application.

Automating the Process

Automate privileged-user credentialing & time based revocations to ensure the right access is provided and terminated on a timely basis.

Reporting on Privileged User Activity

Simplify audit preparation & reporting for exceptional access. Monitor & report on privileged user usage & all activity

Next Steps…

Find out how Privileged Access Management by Greenlight provides you with complete visibility into privileged user activities and prevents the insider threat within your business-critical applications